I’m a Superman with my New Toy!

My new toy OnlyWire allows me to post simultaneously to my favourite 22 networks simultaneously nuts! Step 1. Signed up for a OneWire.com free trial. They ll let me add up to fifty networks by the way! Step 2. Added my login info for (22 so far) networks. Step 3. Added OneWire plugin to my


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Need an Idea? Do this One Thing!

We’re always looking for good ideas … to solve problems, to beat the competition, get ahead, resolve conflict – ever feel like the well is dry and you’re just not coming up with anything? Here’s what I do, and its very simple – Go for a walk!

It can be for ten minutes to a few hours – but go have a board meeting with yourself, outdoors with your running shoes on. To make the most of your walk, have an agenda, what will I solve today?

There is some science behind this.

For starters, while walking (vs sitting) blood flow increases everywhere in the body including the brain. More blood flow means more oxygen and more energy – which means more brain performance. It is also known that our cognitive functions increase with exercise. This is due to the added stimulus to our (geek-speak-alert) hippocampus.

Bonus: This problem solving technique will improve your mood!


What is PrintProxy

I’ve been trying to explain what PrintProxy is for some time now and with time and practice, I’ve come to the conclusion that, quite simply, its not easy.

I am, however, going to make another attempt at this – my worry is: can my words do this software justice. Why I say this is PrintProxy is incredibly complex – yet, the genius in the software was going to extreme efforts in making it easy and simple to use.

The old saying “a picture says a thousand words” is so relevant here because when someone says “Keith, what is this software company you’re working on? What’s it about?” .. my initial thought is “If I could just show you”.

First of all – PrintProxy’s primary function is providing small and medium businesses with the ability to affordably, and quickly bring their Print Business online, and generate profits immediately.

More to come . . .

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